A Carnival of Fun and Flavours



Welcome to Pezzo where every pizza has its own unique character and taste. Meet Cheesy Cheese, Pepperoni Party, Meat Munchers or Hot Chicks for a novel way of enjoying some scrumptious tasting pizzas on-the-go.

Just so you know, our pizza crafters take utmost pride in tossing, garnishing and baking all the pizzas fresh daily. Oh yes, they will swelter next to the scorching heat of a pizza oven to get it done just right for you!

Meet The Family

    Our Pizza

    Hey, isn’t chillin’ out with friends and pizzas a lot more interesting when there’s a variety you can choose from? (Yes, a variety of friends is also interesting but we digress…)

    You’ll be delighted to know our lip-smackin’ pizzas come as individual slices so you can choose to just have one slice, or combine slices of different kinds of pizzas to make your meal! And if you have a special request, do let us know. That way, we can keep the fun going just the way you like it!

    Now we are available at 16 kiosk outlets (and many more coming) across the country.

    Fancy a slice today?